Prof. Galina Mihaleva

Galina Mihaleva is an Associate Professor at the school of Art, Design and Media at Nanyang Technological University, where she teaches Wearable Technology, Fashion and Design. Her work and research deal primarily with the dialogue between body and dress, driven by the idea of having both a physical and a psychological relationship with a garment as a responsive clothing - wearable technology.
Prior to joining NTU, Galina thought at Arizona State University for more than 15 years costume and fashion design and collaborated with world renown choreographers in USA, ASIA and Europe. She is the founder of Galina Couture in Scottsdale Arizona, where her team develops exclusive collections of one of kind designs. Her art and design work have been shown in festivals, galleries and museums across United States, Asia, Central and South America and Europe. In 2007 she was nominated for the best design award at Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum. Galina received the Rumi award in USA and the first place at the Tiffany’s Paris fashion week in 2016.
Beyond in-depth analysis of cultural values, she combines traditional methods while developing and using new materials and innovative approaches inspired from nature. Unbounded by the old rules, Galina now offers her work as a testimony to the power of beauty and expression, and to the transcendent human spirit. She regards her works as being timeless.


Manifold proposal for tomorrow: nature and technology 

Today, technological advancements are shifting the way we use and relate to our clothing. The seamless fusion between fashion and technology, producing new breed of clothing, also known as a second skin, which compute and add immense aesthetical value. Combining innovative design with smart, built-in functionalities and new prospective of the way we use textile as a digital interface  for monitoring, sensing and displaying will help to tackle the core environmental impact of fast fashion. But beyond the super hi-tech, what are the other possibilities on merging technology and fashion to address environmental concerns and sustainability. The aim of this lecture is to propose alternative  solutions, bringing  nature and technology together in exciting and meaningful ways to support  design for better and more desirable future.