Prof. Jason Edward Lewis

Jason Edward Lewis is a digital media poet, artist, and software designer. He founded Obx Laboratory for Experimental Media, where he directs research/creation projects exploring computation as a creative and cultural material. Along with the artist Skawennati, he co-directs Aboriginal Territories in Cyberspace, Skins Workshops on Aboriginal Storytelling and Video Game Design and the Initiative for Indigenous Futures. Lewis is deeply committed to developing intriguing new forms of expression by working on conceptual, critical, creative and technical levels simultaneously.

He is the University Research Chair in Computational Media and the Indigenous Future Imaginary as well as Professor of Computation Arts at Concordia University, Montreal. Born and raised in northern California, Lewis is Hawaiian and Samoan.


AI as Relation
How might we make use of Indigenous epistemologies to rethink how we articulate ethical design guidelines for A.I? This presentation will discuss the essay "Making Kin with the Machines" as well as the Position Paper on Indigenous Protocol and Artificial Intelligence to rethink the 'Ethical AI' conversation from a position of foregrounding human and non-human relations.