Dan Haab

Dan Haab is a researcher, climate science advocate, and the Director of Research and Development at Hypergiant Industries.

Hypergiant is the AI industrial complex for leading global enterprises and governments, who they help innovate with breakthrough machine intelligence-driven technology. Within Hypergiant, the R&D group is the vanguard of exploration and innovation, developing solutions that elevate the collective potential of humanity through the evolution of human and machine collaboration. Hypergiant’s R&D projects, including the algae based climate solution Eos, aim to provoke and inspire, to start conversations among ourselves, our clients, our partners, and the public, and to influence the future of technology as an agent for change for the benefit of everyone.

Dan joined Austin, TX based Hypergiant in 2017 after returning to the US from London, where he worked as a consultant to build teams of designers, engineers, and other collaborators that would create solutions to help the world’s largest finance, energy, and health sector organizations embrace innovative solutions and emerging technology as part of their digital transformations.

Before moving to London, Dan spent 15 years as a software engineer, working with a diverse array of technologies everywhere from the smallest of startups, to some of the largest companies in the world.


AI, data, and lowering our carbon footprint with a smarter supply chain for our cities.

What's wrong with our cities? Why are they not more efficient? Dense population centers have the potential to use the power of proximity to dramatically reduce their carbon footprint, but research shows only minor benefits for people living in cities versus rural or suburban residents. This talk will discuss how artificial Intelligence can help us build cleaner cities and improve quality of life.