Seda Röder

Seda Röder, aka the Piano Hacker is an unorthodox musician, author and expert for Innovation Management and Creativity Culture (The Mindshift™). She is an internationally sought-after speaker and the co-founder of the Sonophilia Network, an exclusive think-tank for Creative Leadership and cross-industry collaboration with over 400 members from global business, arts, sciences, technology and politics realm. Before relocating to Europe in 2012, Seda taught at the Harvard University as an Associate and at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) as an affiliated artist.


Liberating Creativity (or Why should Your Existence Matter?)

We're heading towards a future in hyper efficiency where Artificial Intelligence and automation will take over most of the work. We need to redefine our notion of work while also questioning our assumptions about life. Let's start with this one: In a world where even creative fields such as design or storytelling will soon be outsourced to machines, what is the relevance of our existence?